WillLand Outdoors Anytime 18L Backpack

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A perfect backpack for everyday use with built-in hydration-ready system

This backpack is perfect for everyday use. Whether you are out hiking, cycling, running, or you simply want to relax and enjoy the nature, this backpack will allow you to keep all your essentials right with you when you need them. The built-in hydration-ready system helps to deal with your thirst so you will not be interrupted whatever you are doing.

Simply elegant design

A true beauty to the naked eye viewed from any angle. This backpack will allow you to stay low profile with style.

Humanized support

An ergonomically designed back support system that protects your body no matter what gear you have loaded onto yourself.

Multiple colors

Your personality is important to us. We provide 3 specially picked colors to suit your taste on any given day.

Built-in hydration-ready

Yes, there is even a built-in pouch for your hydration system. The upmost necessity when tackling any challenge is to stay hydrated.